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Experience New Arthritis Treatment With Regenerative Medicine

Written By Rockwall Elite Healthcare on December 18, 2019

stem cell regenerative medicineThe problem with arthritis is that your body won’t heal.

Arthritic pain is the result of inflammation of tissues, especially around overused joints. The tissues are inflamed because the body is trying to protect itself from the grinding of bones and cartilage. 

Therefore, arthritis develops when the body’s natural protection system of cartilage and connective tissue becomes degraded. Once that protection is gone, it could never be replaced.

Until now.

How Regenerative Medicine Works as Arthritis Treatment

Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge new field of medicine, in which the tissues of the body are encouraged to heal themselves. Regenerative medicine works by using the body’s own cells to replace degraded old ones. In the case of arthritis, that means growing back the protective connective tissues that were degraded in the past. 

Regenerative medicine makes use of undivided cells, known as stem cells, that are found in the amniotic tissue of a mother’s womb. Human cells start out as raw material and then begin to differentiate into specialized tissue as they mature. By accessing cells that have not yet been differentiated, they can be encouraged to specialize in the tissue your body requires. 

Using the discarded amniotic tissue of a mother after childbirth, an injectable medicine can be produced known as stem cells. In the case of arthritis, stem cell are highly effective. 

Arthritis Treatment With Regenerative Medicine in Rockwall

If you have been suffering from arthritis, you don’t have to continue managing your pain with over the counter drugs. There is a better way. Stem cells can help your body heal its connective tissues, addressing the underlying cause of your pain. 

We serve the community of Rockwall, Texas with alternative treatment options for common problems like arthritis. Contact us today at (972) 961-0673 to find out if alternative medicine is right for you.