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Rotator Cuff Treatment with Regenerative Medicine 

Written By Rockwall Elite Healthcare on January 17, 2020

stem cell regenerative medicineWhat if there was a way to re-grow your own cells? 

Yes, it’s true, some body parts can already do this, like your skin, hair, and nails. However, what would it be like if you could regrow other tissues as well?

Unfortunately, there are some body parts that would really benefit from the ability to regenerate themselves, yet, they are unable to do so naturally. These include your nerves, connective tissues, and other organ cells.

Even body parts that can regenerate, like muscles, bones, and blood vessels could sometimes use a boost. 

With regenerative medicine, they can receive their boost.

Regenerative Medicine as Rotator Cuff Treatment

The rotator cuff causes a lot of pain in the shoulder when it’s torn. Unfortunately, the rotator cuff is one of those tissues that struggle to regenerate itself. This means that a torn rotator cuff can take a very long time to heal.

However, stem cell treatment can change that. This medicine can be produced that allows your body to replenish its own cells. That means the medicine does not numb the pain or encourage some form of compensation. Instead, it allows your body to heal the exact tissue that it requires to return to optimal functioning.

By injecting this type of medicine into the shoulder, a torn rotator cuff can be healed in a fraction of the time it would take to heal on its own. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Rockwall

A torn rotator cuff used to mean that you would suffer from limited mobility and excessive pain for many months. Now, your recovery time can be cut substantially using innovative stem cell therapies like Coretext

If you’re in the Rockwall, Texas area and are looking to speed your recovery from a rotator cuff injury, contact us today at (972) 961-0673 to find out if Coretext is right for you.