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Regenerative Medicine and Chiropractic Care in Rockwall, TX

Do you suffer from joint pain or large amounts of scar tissue that won’t heal on its own?
Are you seeking a non-invasive form of healing without undergoing painful surgery?

Introducing regenerative medicine – a recently developed method of repairing injured or damaged tissue in the body.

You see, as your body ages, it gets harder and harder to heal due to a decreasing amount of stem cells in the body. Doctors can inject regenerative medicine into the painful areas of your body – restoring the body’s natural healing processes.

What are the Different Types of Regenerative Medicine?

There are two main types of regenerative medicine that Rockwall Elite Healthcare offers to patients:

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), collected from the blood of the person receiving the therapeutic injection, contains proteins that promote tissue and wound healing. PRP speeds up the healing process for:

  • Inflamed areas of the body
  • Damaged tissue
  • Hair Loss
  • Broken Bones

Amniotic Tissue Treatment

Amniotic membrane is the tissue that surrounds a developing baby in a mother’s womb. Treatment injections are made from placental matter from the womb – which is discarded after birth and completely ethical to reclaim and use for medicine.

Amniotic tissue contains raw cells that help restore and heal the following:

  • Deteriorating Cartilage
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Bone Pain

How Can Regenerative Medicine in Rockwall, TX Help You?

The professionals at Rockwall Elite Healthcare want to see you healed in the most natural, non-invasive way possible. The doctors incorporate extensive knowledge of chiropractic care and regenerative medicine into their practice to take care of your health and help manage and treat your pain.

Skip the temporary fixes that pain relievers offer and give regenerative medicine a try today. Schedule your regenerative therapy session today, or call at (972)-961-0673